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We are committed to providing you with the most efficient tools

Simple choice​

Do not add redundant functions, do not take cumbersome permissions, do not use meaningless wake-up, each tool is a simple and reliable good helper.

We put all that in order to maintain the most stable support

Safe choice​

The mainstream platform will be supported, the application will be updated for a long time, your feedback will be assisted. Where you are, we'll be there.

Xy Series Products


Innovative password management applications, it is not only secure, but also sophisticated and reliable.
Access without network
You can safely leave the data to it, without worrying about leaking important data.
Text backup
Copy text can complete synchronization, save it easier at the same time.
Origin export
Your data can be exported to any other application supported, free from migration.


A handy sticky note application, a great companion for recording content on multiple platforms.
Extremely fast synchronization speed, a copy, and use everywhere.
Easy management
A variety of management tools, looking and editing effortlessly.
Hide your private content and protect your privacy.


Open source todolist applications, detailed development tutorials for multi platform applications.
Open source
It is not only an excellent tool, but also an excellent case for study.
Focus today
Take the day's business as the core and simplify management so that you are more focused on your tasks.


The innovative information sharing network, between you and me, is only one step short.
In refactoring
We are preparing a different update.

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